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CDR International welcomes Mr. David Heineke

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David Heineke 20170208 MNP QSRIt is with great pleasure to announce that Mr. David Heineke (MSc.) will be joining CDR International on March 1st, 2017 in the position of Maritime and Coastal Engineer.
David graduated at the Delft University of Technology in 2016. Within his Master’s programme in Hydraulic Engingeering, he undertook several projects and internships in different countries.
During his graduation internship at Deltares and Royal HaskoningDHV, he researched a statistical approach for rapid flood forecasting in the North Sea area.
David also did an internship in Constanta, Romania in which he performed a wide range of activities concering a large breakwater extension and a beach rehabilitation project.
Furthermore, in Mexico he assessed the eroding beach south of the port city Veracruz by numerical modelling the coast.
CDR wishes David all the best at the start of his career.

CDR International welcomes Mrs. Sophie Bockelmann

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Sophie Bockelmann SQR 20170105-2CDR International has increased its engineering capacity by employing a new staff member. As from the 1st of February 2017, Mrs. Sophie Bockelmann (MSc.) strengthens the CDR International team. Sophie works as a Project Engineer on international projects.
During her 6 months internship in France Sophie has researched the Modeling and Simulation of a Tidal Energy Converter in the Somme Bay (English Channel) and the related Hydrodynamic Processes by creating a 2D Numerical Model.
Sophie has graduated in 2016 at the Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany at the institute for Hydromechanics and Coastal Engineering, where she has researched the Design Possibilities of Flood Protection Walls and their optional combination with Dikes or Revetments by analyzing Factors as the Surrounding Space, Static Impacts and Geotechnical Stabilities, which reflected in the subject of her thesis.
CDR wishes Sophie all the best at the start of her career.

CDR Amersfoort Office Refurbishment in Progress

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CDR is growing steadily and more office space is required. CDR is currently refurbishing its newly acquired offices in Amersfoort. The location is well situated, in the middle of the Netherlands, with a direct 45 minutes train link from Schiphol Airport, and opposite the Amersfoort Central Station.
In the office vicinity all business requirements like hotels, restaurants, meeting centres, housing and shopping malls are available.
The refurbished offices have all modern facilities and room for future CDR expansion.
The grant opening is planned in November 2016.

CDR International welcomes Mr. Bart-Jan van der Spek

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Bart-Jan van der Spek SMLCDR International has increased its engineering capacity by employing a new staff member. As from August 1st 2016, Mr. Bart-Jan van der Spek (MSc.) will strengthening the CDR International team. Mr. van der Spek will work as Project Manager / Project Engineer on international projects. Mr. van der Spek is a Coastal Engineer and Modelling Expert and has extensive knowledge about statistics.
Mr. van der Spek has a recent working history with Royal HaskoningDHV, where he worked as Consultant / Project Engineer on national (Netherlands) and international projects.
We are very proud that Mr. van der Spek is strengthening our team and wish him all the best in his promising career.

CDR International welcomes Mr. Laurens Poelhekke

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Laurens-Poelhekke Photo SQR 20160623CDR has increased its engineering capacity and welcomes Mr. Laurens Poelhekke who joins as a Civil and Marine Project Engineer.
Laurens graduated in 2015 at the Delft University of Technology. Thereafter he continued with further research on his graduation topic at the renowned Deltares institute, which led to the paper “Predicting Coastal Hazards for Sandy Coasts with a Bayesian Network”, which is currently under review at the Journal of Coastal Engineering. The research involves predicting coastal erosion and overwash using a combined probabilistic approach with the numerical model XBeach. The research has been done for the Deltares RISC-KIT project and is currently being used in the development of an Early Warning System for marine coastal hazards for several European countries.
Laurens has a wide international and engineering interest which he has shown during his education, by undertaking several projects and internships abroad, spending several months in Romania, Portugal and Cuba.
CDR wishes Laurens all the best at the start of his career.

20160216-3 NNPC CDR Rotterdam Maasvlakte 2 Port Futureland  (11)

NNPC Study Tour in the Netherlands and Belgium

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From February 15th-20th, 2016 a group of engineers from NNPC (Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation) visited the Netherlands and Belgium for a study tour related to the development of GRIP (Gas Revolution Industrial Park) at Ogidigben, Delta State, Nigeria.
During the study tour Dutch and Belgian sites were visited related to land reclamation, coastal and polder protection, dredging, port construction and exploitation, petrochemical and gas industry, inland waterways, and geotextile engineering.
The NNPC study tour participants were eager to learn about the Dutch land reclamation, water management, port management and related industries, in view of their upcoming GRIP Development.

2D model Test Barcelona 20151126_104436 NW

Physical Model Testing of a Revetment Remediation Design

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2D Test Barcaloa IMG_5835

2D Test Barcelona IMG_5863

An extensive 2D Physical model test has been performed at INHA in Spain for the remediation design study of the Port Basin revetment in South-east Asia.
During a model testing campaign of 5 weeks the actual cause of the displacements and possible remediation solutions for different areas have been investigated and optimized. A highly flexible approach was adopted as the optimum remediation design should be derived based on progressive insight and knowledge of the functioning of remediation design options. The model testing provided highly interesting information on the local circumstances, impact of construction aspects and verified a stable and very cost-efficient design.
The actual situation and construction as in reality was tested first, providing similar results as could be seen during the site visit. This proved sufficient reliability of the model testing and different remediation designs were tested and further optimized. This resulted in different remediation designs in the Port Basin area.

CDR International welcomes Mrs. Flavia Bonfantini

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Flavia Bontfantini 20151118CDR International has increased its engineering capacity by employing a new staff member. As from November 1st 2015, Mrs. Flavia Bonfantini (MSc.) is full-time participating the CDR International team, and works as project engineer on international projects.
Mrs. Flavia Bonfantini is a cum-laude graduated civil engineer educated by renowned professors in Italy and in Delft, The Netherlands with UNESCO-IHE. Through several academic projects she has developed a wide knowledge of several different aspects of civil engineering. She has designed marine structures, breakwaters and systems for water supply and sewage treatment. She has researched and prepared her MSc. thesis on rubble mound breakwaters for the development of a new single layer concrete armour unit.
We are very proud that Mrs. Bonfantini is strengthening our team and wish her all the best in her promising career.