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Physical Model Testing of a Revetment Remediation Design

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An extensive 2D Physical model test has been performed at INHA in Spain for the remediation design study of the Port Basin revetment in South-east Asia.
During a model testing campaign of 5 weeks the actual cause of the displacements and possible remediation solutions for different areas have been investigated and optimized. A highly flexible approach was adopted as the optimum remediation design should be derived based on progressive insight and knowledge of the functioning of remediation design options. The model testing provided highly interesting information on the local circumstances, impact of construction aspects and verified a stable and very cost-efficient design.
The actual situation and construction as in reality was tested first, providing similar results as could be seen during the site visit. This proved sufficient reliability of the model testing and different remediation designs were tested and further optimized. This resulted in different remediation designs in the Port Basin area.

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Investigation and Design Study of Revetment Remediation Works

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Inspection Revetment IMG20151002NCDR International BV has been involved in the investigation and remediation design study of a Port Basin revetment in South-east Asia. After construction of revetment works some initial, unexpected settlements of the armour layer occurred which may endanger the stability of the revetment over time.
A site visit was performed including high detailed survey of the facing above and below water by drone and bathymetric survey. The bathymetric survey was done by a dual Multibeam system, providing high detail data and highly accurate image of the armour facing below water level.
Based on the investigation study, including review of design, construction and supervision, a physical modelling study is performed to obtain the most practical, reliable and cost-efficient remediation design. Attention is paid on the execution aspect of the design to minimize further negative effects.